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Changing the perception of direct sales from the inside out

What the heck is DSGC?

Direct Sales Growth Community is created for and by women involved in direct sales. 

We believe that cost shouldn't be the barrier between you and receiving trainings from elite specialists and experts that will help you take your business to the next level.

We believe in community over competition and we believe that success is ours for the taking.  

Why do we want that?

Let’s be honest, friends, a vast majority of direct sales (mis)information is outdated or just plain wrong.

You just want to be able to share the amazingness of your opportunity without someone looking at you like you just chugged some koolaid. #youknowwhatImean??

We're not your upline

We know that many people in direct sales have awesome uplines and teams -- we are NOT a replacement for that.  Your upline is the best resource for company specifics, product knowledge, productivity incentives, and your company's compensation plan. That said, we also know that many people are seeking additional trainings and development to help them take their business to the next level.  That's who we are. 

We're not your guru

How many times have you seen an ad for the countless “gurus” and coaches and courses out there promising to teach sales techniques that’ll 10x your business by bedtime or help you start earning $10k months...all for the low, low price of several thousand dollars a pop?  That's NOT who we are.

Here's what you get at DSGC

✓ Full Access to the DSGC Community - A private, online network where you can interact, engage, and collaborate with like-minded direct sales professionals

✓  Out with the old: Trainings on new, proven approaches for reach outs, team building and attraction marketing that you haven't seen anywhere else.

✓ Weekly Group Coaching Webinars with Leaders within the Industry - Focused on personal growth, marketing, content creation, tangible action, and more!

✓ Monthly Keynote Speakers - Live talks from successful CEO's, NYT Bestsellers, TV personalities and entrepreneurs to help us grow both personally and professionally.

✓ Growing Resource Library - Courses, workbooks + trackers specifically designed for your direct sales business, and more to help us all continue to grow and learn together!

✓ Vendor Marketplace - Vetted contractors offering their services at negotiated rates to help members take action to grow their businesses.

✓ Annual DSGC Meet Up - Get out from behind the screen and meet your DSGC friends in person! (Pending COVID)

✓ Access to Replays of ALL Speakers and Trainings - Can't attend a keynote speaker? Want to revisit a group coaching call from last month? We have you covered!

✓ Apply to lead trainings in our community and at our events - Get in front of your fellow community members to share your gifts.

✓ Apply to be featured on our Instagram - @noshamesalesgame - Posts feature a DSGC Community member shoutout, your opportunity to grow your social media audience.

...all for just $1 a day


Here is just a small sampling of the speakers we have lined up to help us all grow.

Allie Reeves is a social media strategist turned solopreneur and small-business mentor. Her goal is to help women create powerful social media presences that effectively grow their businesses in a life-changing magnitude. Allie is also our resident social media guru who spends time with DSGC monthly! 

IG: @allieireeves

Shauna Van Bogart is a transformative change agent who helps CEOs build, run, and scale sustainable businesses that feel as good as they look. After completing a graduate degree in Communications and Leadership Studies, building four businesses from 0 to over six and multiple six-figures in annual revenue, and 10+ years mentoring business owners running everything from start-ups to multi-million dollar brands, Shauna knows exactly what it takes to evolve a business and elevate its income.
Shauna is on a mission to help small business owners create greater financial freedom, fulfillment, and impact by taking a less but better approach to sustainable and satisfying success. She believes firmly that business success is in your mindset complemented with "right-for-YOU" intentional growth strategies. Shauna utilizes a variety of tools in supporting her audience to get out of their own way, including her ongoing education, a decade of business experience, and her master level certification in hypnotherapy.

Shauna is Colleen Nichols' personal mentor and DSGC's resident mindset expert who spends time with DSGC monthly!

IG: @shaunavanbogart

Brad Bizjack is a certified high-performance coach, international speaker and podcast host who has brought his life changing course, Mindset of Excellence, to DSGC. Every month, Brad comes in and quite literally transforms the lives and businesses of our members. Brad personally coaches top-earning network marketing leaders, and is yet another DSGC regular who spends time coaching us monthly!

IG: @bradbizjack

Colleen Nichols is the founder of DSGC, creator of the No Shame Sales Game Instagram account and has been in network marketing for nearly 5 years. She quickly rose to the top of her company's compensation plan and has continued to grow a global team since joining in 2017. 

Colleen has built her entire network marketing business via social media (yes, that means she's never personally hosted an in-person event) and half of her direct downline started as strangers on the internet. She knows how to effectively use social media to leverage and grow a business, and she is teaching DSGC members how to do the same. 

Colleen engages in DSGC daily, hosts weekly group coaching calls, and trains monthly within the community. 

IG: @colleen__nichols

As a DSGC member, you have access to trainings from other guest speakers which include (but are not limited to...)

Frazer Brookes, Jackie Richards, Kristen Boss, Brock Johnson, Lauren Chamberlain, Matt Yates, Emily Loftiss, Roshanda Pratt, Kayla Ybanez, Judi Fox, Rox Wilson, Jim Larsen, and so much more.. 

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